Our expertise ranges across many industries, products and technologies but our focus is foremost on the emerging Cannabinoid research and product markets. This exciting market is already worth £300m in the UK alone and is expected to be £1bn by 2025. Globally the market is expected to continue to grow at over 30% per annum from its current value of £8bn.

Our most recent experience in the non-tobacco nicotine business, which shows many of the same characteristics as the Cannabinoid market, still offers great opportunities despite being increasingly dominated by the tobacco industry. As the tobacco companies continue to shift their approach to innovation more towards that of the open approach of the pharmaceutical industries they are looking for new opportunities to invest in.

Our focus is on maximising shareholder value by ensuring you do the right thing and to try to stop you doing the wrong thing. In emerging markets there are many great ideas, but not all are commercially viable, and each carries its own intrinsic risk. Our objective is to ensure you have the right strategy and the right team to deliver the returns you expect from your investment while cognoscente of your appetite for risk.

This advice will consider multiple factors including market insights, the core science & technology, the resources and risks associated with scaling the business, the skills of the existing management, shareholder motivations, and market factors.


The Cannabinoid markets can be roughly divided in two; between those businesses involved in medicinal Cannabinoids generally containing THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana) and those that contain minimal levels of the ingredient.

This offers a huge range of business possibilities from NGP development. Those that wish to make medicinal claims are most likely going to have to follow a medical license route. This is clearly an area for the innovators in the space to develop products and IP of value. The ultimate buyers of which will be the pharmaceutical companies.

Those offering lifestyle benefits will have to tread carefully as to the claims they make in an environment where regulation will be enacted over time. The opportunities here cross all sectors from manufacture to retail product development. There are today no strong brands in this sector and brand development will be interesting.

The Cannabinoid or nicotine markets currently offer a range of exciting commercial opportunities for investors, who often find the search for the right opportunities to identify the right ones for you. Our objective is to handhold through this myriad of opportunities to identify the right opportunities for you.

There remain a multitude of non-tobacco nicotine companies outside of tobacco ownership that need investment and direction to achieve their true value. Current e-cigarettes remain inefficient in delivering nicotine to consumers when compared to a traditional cigarette. The technology will eventually be developed that provides an exact substitute at much lower risk; this will prove revolutionary when developed.

The Cannabinoid and Vape markets are gaining some shape, but many markets remain in their early infancy. Given this, an expert guide to investment is essential.