Our industry expertise ranges from service businesses to manufacturing, from start-ups to global plc’s. The core principles for success remain the same irrespective of sector or size. We fundamentally believe in Team. Harnessing the talents of all of your stakeholders will make life easier, provide quicker solutions and increase the likelihood of achieving your goals. This does not remove the need for leadership, the core vision and its delivery will always lie with those leading the business; their singular vision of the company’s objective and commitment to it’s delivery is critical. One of our core strengths is building, coaching and encouraging Leaders to assemble the right people to support their organisation’s success.

Our focus is on maximising shareholder value by ensuring you do the right thing and to try to stop you doing the wrong thing. Many businesses constantly generate so many great ideas that they lose sight of their core objectives. Focus and singularity of mind are crucial in delivering goals. While strategies must be capable of change, constant changes of direction often end up in ever decreasing circles rather than progress. We will always suggest that visions, strategies and objectives are reviewed, but this has to be periodic and structured, not a daily task. We offer structuring and chairing of such reviews as a matter of good business practice. Indeed this will always be our starting point with any new client.


All businesses have finite resources and the allocation and investment of those resources ranks as one of the most difficult decisions for businesses to take. One key area of investment will always be that working capital is the poor relation when allocating funds compared to exciting new capital or business investments.  Working capital is the essential fuel to growth and success. If success is growth, then working capital will constantly be strained. Proper allocation of resource and the appropriate access to additional funds has to be part of any plan for success. Our review of your financial planning ensures this critical area is always part of review of your plans. Raising capital is sexy, exciting and very very expensive. Rather than a rush to dilution it is important to consider all forms of finance, before committing to an expensive equity fund raising. We can help in this difficult comparison of the multitude of financing options.

The key to raising funds is timing. Too early and there’s a risk of increased dilution, too late and the financial strain is obvious to any savvy investor who will take advantage of your vulnerable cash position. Having a financial plan is therefore essential as part of the armoury of tools the business has to draw upon. As a business grows its cash flow forecasts are probably the least reliable forecasts that a business makes. We will insist that you constantly update and amend your forecasts for the latest performance of the business and your vision of the short, medium and long term..

Our recent work has seen a shift to more established markets that are having to quickly adapt to the current market disruption caused by the global pandemic. We are ideally placed to help at this difficult time.