The first step is to determine where you want to go. The second is to create a map of the steps needed  to get there. You will need a bunch of people around you to help get you there and this is our USP. We are strong and robust; in our approach we might be the only people that will tell you the truth. Together, always together, we can help build a clear vision of where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

We think there are some great places to invest, but it’s not us that you need to convince. Whether you are a professional investor or a company looking to enter a market, you need a clear and communicable strategy as to how you are going to exploit the opportunities. While all strategies and plans in these markets need to be able of flexing, in disruptive markets you need to present, with confidence and clarity, your plans for success. This involves not merely creating plans but building your understanding and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities the market offers.

By starting from a point of clarity you will be able to convince those that need to authorise investment to invest. Going forward this clarity is needed to convince other stakeholders to join you to deliver your vision.


The word partnership in our name refers to both our relationships with our team and our clients. If DBP are going to be able to help, we need to be immersed in your thoughts, philosophy and ambitions. We need to understand what you have and what you need. This involves an understanding of the science or technology surrounding your idea, product, services or project and the resources you have. This takes time; speed is essential and therefore so is our availability. Our philosophy is therefore to concentrate on a select number of clients at any one time. Because of this, we are highly selective in our choice of projects.


We will always encourage you to be sensible in your approach to operate in disruptive markets and not taking too many risks. However, we will always encourage you to think big. If you are looking for a big return you need to find those with big pockets; these organisations will often only invest in projects that will make a material difference to their position. Think big, sell big. We will challenge your preconceived ideas to find the least complex and fastest route for the best return on your financial and time investment.


We believe that non-tobacco nicotine products can make a huge difference to people’s lives and the potential for good from the use of cannabinoids looks even more promising. This is a really important aspect for the team, so we try to limit ourselves to those projects that really are going to make a difference to the world. We have extended this thinking to your Team in these times protecting jobs and livelihoods is crucial for all of us.


Our great expertise and experience come from being really old (particularly Tim) so we really want to have some fun with our clients. There’s a job to be done, a hard job, but if we can’t have some fun along the way what’s the point.