The Disruptive Business Partnership was originally created as a business advisory service serving investors, owners and potential investors to maximise their returns from the emerging cannabinoid and non-tobacco nicotine markets.

Our success is built on our founders combined years of business experience of helping new and existing Companies to break successfully into new and emerging growth markets.

Our expertise, gained across many sectors from pharmaceutical to media has enabled us to distil and identify the right ingredients for successful growth.

In the last twelve months we have expanded our offering by providing advice to clients in a broader range of sectors as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the global marketplace.

The pandemic has brought massive disruption creating both major threats and opportunities for business.  This disruption is exactly the kind of business environment that we have built our experience and reputations on over the past forty years. The fundamentals of surviving and thriving in these circumstances apply across all sectors.

We offer advice to management and a variety of Investors including financial investors, existing company owners and those looking to secure their future in these volatile  markets.


Focus, rigour and discipline

Our involvement with financial Investors include:

Identifying potential areas of investment within each individual segment, these can range from retail or manufacturing opportunities through pure research including Clinical trials and the development of IP.

Due diligence, while we are happy to advise on structural and expertise capabilities our focus during a due diligence phase is usually technical, this might focus on anything from medical or delivery devices to ingredients or local regulatory environments. Our objective is to help prove the concept and the growth potential of any product or service propositions being presented to the Investor.

On-going support can be at Board level supporting the management team or being embedded within the team to help delivery of the promised strategies agreed with investors.

We work closely with management to ensure they have the right strategy; implementation plans and that those plans are executed on time and on budget. This means management have expertise from day-one to reduce the risk of costly mistakes and changes of direction.


We bring our experience to assist you with:

Corporate strategy. The starting point is always the idea. This needs to be developed into a strategy to maximise the idea’s monetary value. However, in the current market, as well as in emerging and disruptive markets, these strategies need contingency and flexibility. Particularly in regulated markets, companies need to manage their strategy for change made by regulators. In emerging and disruptive markets, it is likely that those who occupy neighbouring markets will not react well to newcomers and, again, strategies need to be able to cope with those who will often have more resources available than the insurgent company.

Using our own and our networks’ expertise we can assist with plans ranging from technology development, product development and go-to-market plans.

Market and Regulatory intelligence. We work closely with a wide range of businesses allowing us to share insights into what are often rapidly changing competitive and regulatory environments.

Corporate Governance. We prefer to refer to discipline, projects and process. All companies need systems of control to ensure that their business conforms to the standards and expectations of its management and investors. At the core of this is always financial reporting but systems surrounding project management, HSE, HR and every other discipline within a business require systems of reporting and control. Our expertise can ensure that these systems are robust, and the appropriate level of light touch control is in place. If you’re looking to a future exit remember any future investor is looking to acquire an asset  and the right systems of control; they will not buy a liability.

Stakeholders. We believe, and it is becoming a belief more widely held, that the best-performing companies are those that believe in Stakeholder management. This involves balancing the needs of stakeholders namely employees, customers, suppliers, investors and community. We can help and advise on the strategies needed to ensure effective Stakeholder management.

Building a Team. The key to success is a commitment to build the right team. Emerging markets often need an innovative and different approach. Experts in the emerging markets are often a scarce (or sometimes non-existent) resource and need a different approach. Technical skills alone are insufficient and matching those that can work in rapidly changing organisations requires an experienced recruitment partner that can work alongside the company to deliver at speed the calibre and volume of new employees needed to feed growth. We bring this experience through our associated Company Ginger Recruitment, experts in rapid growth and emerging markets recruitment.

B2B deals. We have a track record of both acquisitions and disposals in the UK. B2B deals are often capable of accelerating areas of strategic growth rather than organic development. Entrants into emerging markets often want to be completely functionally vertically integrated and this is often their downfall. Dilution of management time and focus usually leads to core activities being delayed or mistake-ridden ultimately leading to a need for more investment. By assessing core capabilities, we can advise on what activities to keep core and what to outsource. Our network provides many opportunities to outsource efficiently.

Fund Raising. We can bring access to funds through our numerous financing partners. We can provide advice on all forms of fund-raising from initial capital through to exit. With our network in this field, we can help you create a clear and compelling investment proposition, make the right introductions and help manage finance partners.

Exits. We have been involved in and managed many forms of exit and can steer you through the various benefits and the processes of monetarising your investment. As with all sophisticated investors, an eye to the exit at the beginning will keep strategy and actions more disciplined and efficient.

Entering new markets or new businesses are fraught with danger and how ever careful the planning, mistakes will happen. Our objective is to bring our business experience and market intelligence to help ensure that the number of mistakes made are minimised and that capital or revenue returns are maximised.

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